Data Entry Services

Data Entry Services

Ananya Accounting Solutions knows how effective data management is very critical for every organization. Any issue in terms of quality or delay in data processing hampers customer service & the profitability as well. This is where we come in with our data entry services. We provide timely and accurate online & offline Data Entry services & data capture solutions. We serve to different types of organizations that prefer outsourcing their data entry function to performing it in-house. Based on client feedback, our strengths include a highly professional team and a unique approach to data entry. A wide range of advanced tools and highly experienced in-house team captures your data with the highest degree of accuracy & speed at very cost-effective rates.

Service We offerings like

  • Offline / Remote
  • Alphanumeric Data / Handwritten Data
  • Clerical / Excel / QuickBooks / Tax / Accounting
  • Bank / OCR / Invoice / Insurance Claims / Survey Forms
  • Medical Billing & Clinical Reports
  • Scanned Documents / Images / PDF to Excel
  • Product Data Entry for eCommerce Websites

Industry we serve on:

  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Banking & Finance
  • Media & Publishing
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation & Logistics

Ananya (AAS) – Advantages:

Accurate: Our quality assurance team enforces data point wise multi-level quality checks and auditing.

Data Security: We ensure complete information security & confidentiality of client’s data.

Experience: Our experience of 9+ year’s in data processing enables us to deliver almost every possible data processing project you have

Automation or Manual: We have developed capability for all types of data processing tasks using automated tools & experienced data processing experts.

Shorter Time & Scaling: Our experts, empower you to start any Data Entry project in a day or two & scale up as you want.

Cost Effective: Our team captures your data with the highest degree of accuracy & speed at very cost-effective rates.

Relationship & Partnership: With the first assignment our emphasis is always on a long term relationship with our clients globally.

Our Responsibilities

Review data for deficiencies or errors, correct any incompatibilities if possible and check output.

Research and obtain further information for incomplete documents.

Insert customer and account data by inputting text based and numerical information from source documents within time limits.

Compile, verify accuracy and sort information according to priorities to prepare source data for computer entry.

Apply data program techniques and procedures.

Generate reports, store completed work in designated locations and perform backup operations.

Scan documents and print files, when needed.

Keep information confidential.

Respond to queries for information and access relevant files

Comply with data integrity and security policies

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